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Cloud Computing Mt. Juliet, TN

Cloud Computing Mt. Juliet TN

Cloud Computing Services with CloudSmart IT

Wondering if Cloud Computing is right for your Mt. Juliet business? We can help. The CloudSmart IT consulting team will listen to your business challenges and make a recommendation that works for your company.

Cloud Computing could be a smart option if you and your team:
• Have moved to a work-from-home arrangement for all or partial staff
• Have multiple business locations
• Employ off-site staff
• Need to share files and applications with a team
• Have aging infrastructure or servers that need to be updated
• Need to meet changing compliance standards
• Have merged (or are preparing to merge) with another company

CloudSmart IT’s full-service process gets you up and running on the cloud with minimal downtime. We’ll also onboard your staff in small groups so you can be sure every person on your team has a smooth transition to cloud computing.

We’re here to take the headaches and mysteries out of business tech with reliable managed IT support services and expert IT consulting designed with your business in mind. We’re proud to serve small and mid-sized businesses in the Nashville area including financemanufacturinghealthcarenon-profits and faith-based organizations.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a convenient, accessible way of managing your company’s data. “Cloud Computing services” means that your data is stored outside of your physical location, and can be accessed over the internet from anywhere. With cloud solutions, your applications, servers, databases, and software are stored offsite and available in “cyberspace,” giving you full access from any location or device with an internet connection.

Cloud IT is an affordable, secure way to keep teams nimble, budgets manageable, and security tight for hundreds of businesses across Mt. Juliet. Remote server support is a great alternative to housing all of your company’s data on a big server that is physically located in your space, requiring maintenance, hardware upkeep, and increased utility costs to power and cool.

Cloud computing services are just as secure, fast, and customizable as a dedicated physical server. The only difference is that your data is stored in a virtual space that your cloud host manages, instead of a big piece of equipment that exists solely at your location. Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure (our cloud partner), and Amazon Web Services are all examples of cloud computing hosts.

CloudSmart IT partners with Microsoft Azure for cloud computing. As your managed IT services partner, we can help your business move all of your data to the cloud, manage your network, and access your Windows Virtual Desktop from anywhere.

How can Cloud Computing help my business?

Companies of all sizes in Mt. Juliet choose Cloud support service for a variety of reasons. Over the last decade, Cloud solutions have become an essential business tool that helps businesses stay nimble, save money, and compete within their industries.

Cloud Services Mt. Juliet, TN


Cloud Computing lets you quickly scale your storage and software licenses up or down according to your company’s needs without having to invest in hardware.

Automatic Updates

When your data is stored in the cloud, your software and applications can be updated automatically, so you always have the most up-to-date tools at your fingertips.


Cloud Computing services allow you and your employees to work from anywhere, freeing you to adjust to your company’s changing needs.

Small-Business Friendly

Cloud solutions give small businesses access to enterprise-level equipment and service at a small business price.

Cost Savings

Since you only pay for what you use, cloud computing can be a very attractive option for keeping costs in check. CloudSmart IT makes Cloud Computing a predictable operating expense that folds into your company’s monthly budget, rather than the large up-front capital investment of building and maintaining a physical server.

Along with SaaS, VOIP, Network Security and more, Cloud Computing can be an important part of your customized managed IT support services with CloudSmart IT.

Work from home? Try Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a convenient, secure, affordable way to manage your company’s data, files, and software applications offsite. Cloud Computing is a smart solution for businesses with:

$ 300 per user per month*

*starting price based on a 5 user minimum

Unlock the Power of the Cloud.

We’ve made cloud computing even easier and more affordable with CloudSmart IT’s Key2Cloud option, so you and your team can access your work desktop even more easily and securely from any computer, anywhere.

Plug. Click. Instant Desktop.

Here’s how it works: CloudSmart IT’s Key2Cloud is a USB drive that plugs into any computer, customized and fully loaded with everything you need to access your data on the cloud. Plug it in, click the cloud icon, and get to work. No downloads, no special apps, no hassle.

Added Security

Manage, activate, and deactivate individual Key2Cloud keys remotely in the event of lost or stolen keys, staffing changes, regulatory updates and more.

Even More Cost Savings

Key2Cloud doesn’t require dedicated support for your computer’s operating system, so we can make cloud computing available for a straightforward, fixed cost per user.

Small-Business Friendly

The Key2Cloud makes enterprise-level technology and cloud security available to businesses with as few as two employees. And because we can activate and manage your cloud computing remotely, you can activate and manage an unlimited number of workspaces from literally anywhere in the world.

Use Any Computer

Your employees can use their Key2Cloud to access their work desktop from any computer. In addition to remote work flexibility, this opens the door to “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) incentives that can save your company money and keep your employees happy, too.

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