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3CX Communications System

Every business needs a scalable phone system with the ability to meet the needs of your team and your clients. Get rid of your outdated phone system and see what 3CX has to offer. With 3CX you can make a call anywhere. No internet, no problem. You can call, message, video and meet anytime any place.

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3CX is an open-platform office phone system that runs on premise on Windows or Linux, with the option to migrate to cloud with a simple backup and restore. Get a complete omnichannel business phone system whilst eliminating the cost and management headaches of outdated, proprietary systems. 3CX offers a true remote working experience to any employee with an internet connection. See productivity increase with advanced call center features, video conferencing and more. 3CX was built for mobility, with remote work apps that offer secured communication for the whole team. With the iOS and Android applications, business communication is no longer tied to the office building. Take your extension with you anywhere and work on-the-go. Reply to business SMS, Facebook and website messages, make and receive calls, chat with co-workers, start a video call on the fly and ensure your customers are satisfied even if you’re working remotely. With 3CX your remote teams retain productivity and stay connected at all times to colleagues and customers.


We are proud to partner with 3CX to provide our clients the very best in VOIP services. Keep checking back for the latest in training on the 3CX phone systems on our posts under News and Insights.

If you would like to get your business set up with the best in phone services, book a call with us to get started.

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