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The real estate industry is complex and dynamic – as a closing attorney, you know this better than anyone! You also know the importance of reliability, security, and flexibility in your business. But when things go online, how do you maintain this high level of security? How can you ensure that your IT operations enhance your business rather than presenting an unnecessary risk? 

At CloudSmart IT, we provide a range of services to help keep your IT operations safe, secure, and efficient. Our understanding of the industry combined with our outstanding customer service makes us the perfect IT partner to support your every challenge and triumph. We offer a broad range of specialized IT solutions for real estate closing attorneys, from software and support to IT integration and security. 

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Our IT Services for Real Estate Closing Attorneys

SoftPro Solutions

  • Hosting on Microsoft AVD.
  • Help desk support with unlimited calls.

SoftPro is a closing and title insurance software utilized by real estate closing attorneys across the country. With over 60,000 users nationwide, it is an industry-leading platform to support closing and title insurance. At CloudSmart IT, we have an intricate understanding of the platform and can assist with hosting it on Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. With our help desk service, you’ll have unlimited on-call support available remotely and on-site. Simply call one of our expert technicians during business hours, and we’ll provide a solution to limit your downtime and stress.


  • Rhynoh set up and monitoring services.
  • Access ongoing support with our help desk.

Rhynoh offers absolute financial and escrow protection through its delivery of reconciliation automation software. At CloudSmart IT, we understand this fraud protection technology and can support you to set it up, monitor it, and address any issues. This support is critical because it ensures your financials are protected. Without this safety net in place, you could end up with no money in your account or cause your account to become imbalanced.

Managed IT

  • Set up, ongoing management, and support.
  • Cloud services, cybersecurity, software, and more.

CloudSmart IT is your go-to provider of general IT services from setup and support. 

While we offer specific support services for real estate closing attorneys, our team are experts in a wide range of general IT services. Whatever your IT needs, our experienced and professional team is ready to help. We offer cybersecurity, cloud services, software as a service, network security, and much more.

Better IT Outcomes for Real Estate Closing Attorneys

Having software and IT you can trust and rely on in the real estate industry is essential. With CloudSmart IT, you can make your business more flexible and streamlined without compromising quality or security. Investing in modern IT solutions makes business faster, simpler, and safer! 

IT Support real estate Nashville TN

Close On the Go

Give yourself the freedom to work wherever you please by equipping yourself to work remotely. Suddenly you don’t only need to close from the office - wherever in the world you are, you can complete all the paperwork you need to. Whether it’s your local coffee shop, at a restaurant over dinner, from home, or at another attorney’s office, you will have the tools you need to safely close wherever is most convenient for you.

Always Secure

Our understanding of the industry and ALTA-compliant practices ensure that we know how to keep valuable information (both personal and business-related) entirely secure. With our cybersecurity package, you can rest assured that your important data is in safe hands. We configure Microsoft 365 with the best possible email practices, ready to handle credit card information, social security numbers, and personal identifiable information (PII) with the utmost safety. Our system detects and automatically encrypts this sensitive data, securing all your vital information. On top of that, we have a SOC monitoring our systems all day, every day, year-round.

Reliable and Ready to Help

We have been dedicated to proving our invaluable understanding of this complex industry for over five years. We have worked with many clients to tailor and customize our packages to best suit each individual’s unique business needs.

ALTA Compliant

We are entirely compliant with the American Land Title Association’s rules and guidelines for the industry. With our extensive experience in this field, we have been able to walk clients through external ALTA audits.

IT Support for Real Estate Closing Nashville TN

Why Choose CloudSmart IT?

CloudSmart IT is the safest way to navigate your real estate business online. Backed by years of industry knowledge and experience, we understand the importance of ensuring all paperwork completed by closing attorneys is managed securely. CloudSmart IT security measures are second to none, using secure Cloud Fax technology to protect all your essential documents.

With managed IT Services readily available, you can trust that we will support you if anything ever goes wrong. Opting for CloudSmart IT enables you to work completely remotely through the Cloud phone system by 3CX – making your work more flexible and dynamic than ever.

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Our professional cohort of IT experts has a thorough understanding of the unique technical needs that come with real estate closing. We offer all the resources necessary to help make your business endlessly less stressful. If you’re looking for specialized ongoing IT support from a team you can trust, we are ready to help.

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