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VoIP Nashville

What is VOIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a way of making voice calls over your broadband internet connection. Sometimes known as “broadband phone service,” Voice Over IP converts your voice into a digital signal so you can make calls from your computer, tablet, desk phone, mobile phone, or other devices. Besides being reliable and convenient, VOIP phone service can be more cost-effective than a traditional phone line.

Compared to traditional business phone systems, VOIP support requires minimal investment in hardware, setup, wiring, and maintenance.

CloudSmart IT uses skyetel.com as our connection point (dial tone), and we’re proud to partner with 3CX to deliver high-quality, affordable VOIP phone systems to our clients in Nashville and surrounds.

VOIP Phone Systems

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) lets you make voice calls over your broadband internet connection using your computer, tablet, desk phone, mobile phone, or other devices.

$ 30 per line per month (2 user minimum)
  • Auto Attendant
  • Web Conferencing
  • Live Chat
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Facebook Messaging Integration
  • Microsoft 365 Integration*
  • Call Queues & Recording*
  • SMS (coming soon)*

* additional cost

How can VOIP help my business?

VOIP service with 3CX lets you use the internet to make calls, so you don’t need a separate phone provider, a T-1 line, or on-site equipment. VOIP service is portable, affordable, and virtually hassle-free to keep your business nimble and your overhead low. Our VOIP packages are ideal for businesses with 4-6 lines or more.

Voip Phone Nashville

Because Voice Over IP can send more information at a time, you and your team can employ a wide range of applications and tools to make your communication more efficient.


Because it’s an internet-based service, VOIP phone service offers your team more features and options than traditional landlines. From call forwarding between devices to video conferencing, file-sharing and chat, VOIP frees your team to do business.

Take your extension everywhere

VOIP service is ideal for today’s work-from-home world. Because your calls take place over a web browser, employees can receive work calls at home via desktop or cell phone, and transfer calls between “offices,” even when those offices are across town (or across the world). And if you choose to add VOIP hardware to your package, your staff can literally bring their desk phone home and continue business as usual without missing a beat.

Automatic Updates

Unlike a traditional landline phone system, Voice Over IP systems receive automatic updates with new features and fixes, so you always have the latest calling technology at your fingertips.


Unlike a landline that only transmits voice calls, VOIP support with 3CX lets you send almost any kind of communication—voice calls, voice mail, email, video conferences and more—over the network to virtually any kind of device.

Cost Savings

VOIP can be very cost effective compared to a digital landline, as you no longer need to deal with a separate phone vendor. In manycases, you won’t need to invest in a hardware upgrade; internet phone service works with the computers, mobile phones, and devices you’re already using. If you do choose to use VOIP service through on-desk phones, CloudSmartIT can recommend the best hardware for your needs.


Adding to your team? No need to have another phone wired and installed. Adding lines is easy, fast, and affordable. Scaling back? No problem. Removing lines (and reducing your monthly bill) is just as simple. Just let us know when you’re ready to ramp back up.

Remote Support

All troubleshooting and support is handled remotely, so you can get fast answers and responsive help with no appointment or scheduling hassles.

Along with SaaS, Cloud Computing, Network Security and more, VOIP can be an important part of your customized managed IT support services with CloudSmart IT.

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VoIP Phone Services Nashville TN

VOIP Services with CloudSmart IT and 3CX

We partner exclusively with 3CX to deliver high-quality, secure, reliable VOIP services that help you save money and time. Take control over your phone service so you can grow your business.

We chose 3CX VOIP service for its business-friendly features:
• Work from anywhere
• Unlimited users and extensions
• Create and control your own phone numbers
• Live chat and talk from your website
• Monitor and record customer service calls
• Easy built-in web conferencing, no app or download required
• Utilize corporate instant messaging
• Get Simple conference calling
• Utilize “Softphone” capabilities – turn almost any device into a phone

Straightforward monthly pricing, starting at $20 per line ($35 with hardware)

Save up to 80% per year over traditional phone lines with CloudSmart IT and 3CX phone services.

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