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Managed IT Support for Nonprofits Nashville TN

We get it – nonprofits and churches operate differently than traditional companies. We’re no stranger to working with committees, boards of directors, vestries, volunteers and other organizational groups to design and support the right IT solution for your cause.

Why do Non-Profits Companies choose Managed IT Services with CloudSmart IT?

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CloudSmart IT serves as your on-demand expert, ready to help you leverage IT to support your staff, help onboard volunteers, streamline systems, and help create a system that’s truly customized to your budget and goals. Consider us your operational partner, ready to navigate and improve even the most bare-bones IT systems so you can focus on impacting your community in a meaningful way.

We’re proud to serve non-profits and faith based organizations in the Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin communities with quality, customized managed IT services including cloud computing, SaaS, Network Security and VoIP.

IT Services for Non-Profits in Nashville TN

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Our professional team of IT experts understand the unique technical needs that come with running a non-profit organization. We offer everything you need in IT support to keep your day to day operations running smoothly.

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