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If  you work with computer security, chances are you’ve heard of MDR.

For the average business owner, these three letters may not mean anything. We’re diving in to show you what MDR is and why it should be an important part of your cyber security system.


Managed Detection + Response (MDR) is the next generation of managed security service with a focus on real-time threat
detection, threat hunting, and active response.
MDR provides:
A 24/7 Dedicated Team of Experienced MDR Analysts.
24/7 Continuous Threat Detection coupled with Rapid Response.
Monitoring for Advanced Malicious Tradecraft.
Enhancement of existing Security Technologies and Investments.
Ability to meet Compliance Objectives.
Peace of Mind, letting you Focus on Business Goals.

MDR significantly reduces the time to detect and respond to emerging cyber threats;
quick detection and rapid response are critical to minimize damages to your organization.


Designed by Former NSA Cyber Operations Experts to catch and stop hackers in the earliest stages of a breach.
The only world-class, nation state-grade cyber security ecosystem serving the MSP community.
Proudly built and operated in the U.S

True Response is Taken to Stop Breaches in their Tracks.
Real-time Monitoring of Privileged User Activity.
Monitoring More than just Anti-virus/EDR Alerts.
Sleep Better at Night Knowing You and Your Clients are Protected 24/7.

MDR is the next evolution in cyber security services.  Blackpoint offers its Gartner-recognized 24×7 MDR service using its patented SNAP-Defense platform, NICOS network tap, and 3rd party integrations.
From its Security Operations Centers (SOC), Blackpoint’s experienced MDR team will monitor,
actively hunt, and respond to real-time threats – giving you peace of mind that your infrastructure is secure.

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