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Forecast: The Cloud

If you’ve been in business for a while, you would have heard talk of “the cloud” for almost two decades and know that this valuable technology is not parting anytime soon. But what exactly does the cloud do for businesses and their IT needs? Simply put, the digital cloud allows you to access files and software over the Internet rather than from the storage in your computer. Let’s take a closer look and examine some of the reasons for the popularity of cloud computing for businesses locally in Nashville area and around the world.

Convenient Accessibility

One of the key benefits of the cloud is its accessibility. With the cloud, you can easily access your information from anywhere if you have a compatible device and an internet connection. Just think about how convenient this would be when traveling or working remotely.  You’re probably already experiencing this convenience when you check your Gmail on your phone or iPad. You don’t have to worry about losing your emails if your computer or phone crashes because the emails are stored on remote servers. What if this was true of all your data and software? How many headaches would that potentially prevent? 

Unlimited File Storage

Cloud storage keeps data on multiple servers in data centers. Your business can pay a subscription fee based on the amount of data that is stored. No longer do you have to worry about having enough space on your computer. If you run out of allocated storage, increasing your storage is as easy as contacting your provider and organizing an upgrade of your current service.  

Data Backup

The cloud stores data with guaranteed 24/7 uptime, giving you peace of mind that your computer’s failure does not mean permanent loss of data. If your computer dies, retrieving your files and data is as simple as logging in again on your new device and picking up where you left off. 

Quality Control

Quality and consistency are hallmarks of a successful business. The cloud allows you to store all documents in one place and with the consistency of one copy that can be shared and edited by multiple users at the same time. All employees can access the same document, maintaining version consistency and avoiding errors that can come about when there is more than one copy of a document being passed between team members. Everyone will see any revisions or updates in real time. That is so much better than different people being on different computers and saving different versions of documents.

Loss Prevention

If your data is only on your office computers, you might permanently lose it due to a virus, hardware aging, or user error. What if your laptop were to be stolen? With the cloud, your information is safe and accessible from any computer with Internet access. What a relief!

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is essential for businesses to prevent downtime and loss of important applications and information. The cloud provides easier and more cost-effective recovery. It does this by storing the data on a few different servers to allow access if the primary server fails. Also, the cloud is a quicker way of recovering data. And, if an outside company manages the account, the operation of your business can continue with little to no downtime. 

Competitive Edge

If you start using the cloud before your competitors, you may have the advantage of adapting your business and getting through the learning curve sooner. Adapting at your own pace and realizing the many benefits of using the cloud earlier than your competitors may mean that your business is more prepared and agile when it comes to future technology changes. 

Automatic Updates

Is there anything more frustrating than needing to finish something but opening your computer to find it necessary to make a time-consuming update? Enter another advantage of the cloud. Cloud-based apps automatically update and refresh, saving you time and avoiding frustration. This also frees up time for your IT department. 

File Sharing

Sharing files with several people is easy on the cloud. Imagine being able to create a spreadsheet, document, or presentation and have real-time input from coworkers or clients from all over the world.

Cost Savings

When all employees of your business have easy access to the company’s information, it will save time and money. Plus, with cloud computing services, you usually only pay for what you need. It’s not one size fits all. 

Data Security

Business owners often want to hold their information close to home, but the measures taken to secure those files are often inadequate. With centralized storage, the need for multiple individual backups is eliminated. Encryption and enhanced security are strongly emphasized in the cloud, providing peace of mind 


Are your current IT problems taking up too much of your time and attention? Your time is precious and should be focused on what you do bestrunning your business. Cloud services are instantly adaptable when you need more bandwidth. Even if you have an IT team in house, the use of cloud services gives the team more flexibility to react more quickly to any other IT needs that come up. By relying on cloud hosting and infrastructure, you can focus on what matters most.  


Previously, being in the same office was a requirement for collaboration, but with cloud services, all people involved in a business can collaborate no matter where they are, using on-demand applications, files, and documents. This helps increase productivity and improves employee morale and retention.  


How often have you needed to get to your desktop and wished that you could do that on your phone or tablet? With the cloud, you and your employees can do just that, making it possible to work anywhere and to stay in the know about what’s going on. This increases efficiency and helps to establish a better work–life balance. Imagine being able to quickly take care of a problem while you’re spending time in a waiting room or standing in line at the store. 


Cloud storage and computing can be quickly and easily scaled up or down, based on the volume of your business. This puts you in control when your company’s demands change. You only pay for the resources that you need at the time. 


Are environmental concerns a top priority for your company? You will be impressed to know that data centers are designed to be energy efficient. Also, using the cloud allows your employees to work from home, which reduces commuter emissions. You will also likely find that you purchase less hardware, which would eventually end up in a landfill.  Using the cloud reduces your carbon footprint and helps you operate sustainably, demonstrating your environmental awareness. 

High Performance

Is your company in a highly competitive market? If so, you need the nimbleness and quality control that is only available through cloud computing. You can uplift your company’s productivity by utilizing the cloud’s faster application speeds and maximal performance, especially when the workload is very heavy. 


Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an overall view of your data at your fingertips? The cloud stores your data in one place and offers analytics that can generate reports that can increase efficiency and help formulate action steps.  

Increased Profits

How important is it to make a profit? We know the answer. It’s everything! If you’ve read this far, you can see that the benefits of cloud-based storage and computing can potentially add up to savings on expenses and increased profits. 

Now that you are aware of the potential benefits of the cloud for your business, it may be time to discuss your specific needs with an expert team to find out how the shift to the cloud could potentially help your business. 

What are you waiting for? Book a call with us online today! We will be able to answer your questions and help you get started! 

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