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How Safe is Cloud Storage?

Are you still concerned about the security of cloud computing? Rest assured, cloud providers are always improving their security measures and are much better at fighting cyberattacks than any in-house IT department. So, what kinds of things do cloud providers do to keep your information safe? 


Assured Security Management

The cloud infrastructure prioritizes security and takes the burden off your employees. Cloud providers are up to date on the latest security standards. Security is their full-time job. Let your employees focus on what they do best instead. 

Frequent Updates

An important way to maintain a secure environment is by keeping all systems updated with the best technology and security measures. The cloud does this in spades on your behalf. 

Data Backups

Reliable cloud providers will back up your data on multiple servers so that your information will still be available even if one server fails. Having access to this level of resources is a great advantage of cloud computing. 

Data Encryption

As an added layer of security, your data in the cloud is encrypted so that hackers can’t interpret your data on the server or in transit. 


Firewalls involve rules that filter out suspicious activity, keeping your sensitive data behind the wall and out of the reach of hackers. 

Two-Factor Authentication

Authentication with two factors means that you log on as usual and then receive some type of secondary confirmation of your identity, such as a texted or emailed code. This system hinders hackers from getting to your data. 

All the elements discussed above work together with the sole aim of protecting your data in the cloud as effectively as possible. If all of this seems too confusing to understand, take our word for it that your business probably is not able to afford the resources needed to protect your data. That’s why you need the cloud.  

Do you still have concerns regarding the security of your businesses digital data? Book a call with one of our experts today and we can discuss your concerns and options with you.

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