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Keeper Password Management

The Business Solution to Password Management

Do you or your employees struggle with passwords? Do they complain about having too many to remember, constantly needing to re-set, or simply not logging into because they can never remember their password? Do you need a secure way to share private information (like company credit card information) with your employees? Are there sticky notes under keyboards with passwords scribbled on them?

We have set up our clients with best solution in password management that solves these issues for the entire company. Take the stress out of password management and create a more confident, productive, and secure company environment!

Get set up with Keeper Vault today!

With Keeper, your passwords, logins and other personal information are saved in a private, digital vault. It is here where you can view and edit all of your website login credentials and details, as well as store important files and photos.

Here’s a quick look at Keeper Vault:

Once your Keeper vault is created, you will be guided through a “Quick Start” walkthrough, that will help you either import passwords from your browser or other password manager or manually create new records.

Creating New Records
Your passwords, logins, credit card numbers, bank accounts and other personal information are saved in your private digital Vault (as “Records”) and are encrypted on your device using 256-bit AES. To begin, simply click + Create New > Record
    Choose a Record Type from the dropdown menu (“Login” is the default type)
    Name Your Record
    Enter Your Email or Username
    Enter Your Password or Tap the Dice to Generate One
    Enter the Website Address
    Click Save to Finish


Keeper can also import logins and passwords directly from your web browser, another password manager, or a text file (.csv).

Keeper allows for organization by folders and subfolders.

You can also create Favorites to your most frequented sites allowing for ease of access. To Share a Record, you select the account you’d like to share, click the Sharing button under Options and enter the email of the Keeper users. You can then choose their permission type. 


Keeper password manager is the ultimate in password safety and access. From creating strong and secure passwords, protecting shared information, secrets and access to infrastructure, we know that Keeper is the right solution for your business. With just one master password to remember, you can quickly and easily access all your accounts!

Contact us today and set up Keeper Password Management for your business!

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