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Microsoft Bookings

What is Microsoft Bookings?

Have you ever played a game of phone tag with a client? Or, have you missed a prospective client call because you were in a meeting?

Microsoft Bookings can be for you.

Microsoft Bookings is an automated scheduling system that reduces missed opportunities and helps streamline appointments. If you’re sick of confirming, following up, scheduling or rescheduling multiple meetings in a day, you’ll find Microsoft Bookings invaluable for your business.

How does Microsoft Bookings work?

Microsoft Bookings is similar to a multitude of scheduling apps in the market – except everything is integrated to the Microsoft Office suite, and catered to your business.

Are you manually adding appointments to your calendar? Microsoft Bookings can automate that for you.

Microsoft Bookings connects your business with customers without the need for a phone call. Using your own uniquely-generated, mobile-friendly web page, customers can schedule their own appointments with your staff and Bookings will instantly sync the event with your entire staff.

Confirmations, reminders, scheduling, re-scheduling, updating calendars…Microsoft Bookings does everything on its own, without needing to update your sales staff at every turn.

Why use Microsoft Bookings?

Microsoft Bookings is completely integrated with the Office 365 platform, so it’s a convenient scheduling service. But more than that, Microsoft Bookings will reduce missed customer opportunities while giving your staff more freedom to focus on their work without worrying about scheduling. Lastly – it’s a professional solution that acts as a non-intrusive way for customers to schedule an appointment quickly and efficiently.

Here are some more reasons why you should consider Microsoft Bookings:

  1. Customers are free to schedule an appointment directly with your business
    • No sales calls, no interruptions, no pressure. Convenient for both parties.
  2. Reduce missed sales opportunities
    • Customers can schedule appointments even when you’re not available to respond to their call or email
  3. Reduce the rate of no-shows
    • Microsoft Bookings automatically sends an event confirmation, which your customer can directly add to their calendar.
    • Microsoft Bookings will remind your customer of their appointment ahead of time.
  4. Reduce scheduling clutter & mistakes
    • While your customers have full control of their appointments, they operate on your terms. They’ll be able to modify their events to meet with your staff – but only if your staff are available at the time.
    • You’ll have a complete view of all booked appointments through a Central Calendar – which can be segmented so you can see individual staff appointments with potential customers.

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