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Microsoft OneDrive For the Engineering Team

OneDrive for the Engineering Team.

Mark up your designs from any location and any device.
Take your designs with you, no matter where you are. OneDrive delivers anywhere access, so whether you’re in the field,
in the office, or with the manufacturer, you can review plans and make changes. Because OneDrive is synched to the
cloud, your specs, calculations, and timelines are accessible from all your devices (iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac).

Free up time for innovation with collaboration made easy.
Cut down on the back and forth, and free up time for design, with simple collaboration. OneDrive is compatible with
more than 320 file formats, so your team can seamlessly review and edit all kinds of documents—from AutoCAD
drawings to 3D designs to DICOM images. And gathering comments and input from external stakeholders like
manufacturers and clients is easy with the collaborative features and secure sharing capabilities of OneDrive.

Move R&D forward with a robust OneDrive mobile app.
Even when you’re on the go, stay connected to the data you need with the OneDrive mobile app. Review designs
when you’re talking with a vendor or pull up a shared document when you’re meeting with a client. You can even
use the OneDrive mobile app to quickly capture, tag, and make notes on photos in the field or at the office.

Keep product ideas and specs proprietary.
With the enterprise-grade security of OneDrive, you can rest assured that your documents meet data privacy
requirements. And keep your organization’s plans confidential with a two-step authentication for additional security.
Safeguard next year’s product launch with tools like multi-factor authentication, rights management, sensitivity labels
and data loss prevention controls.

Engineering Benefits Include:
Files On-Demand
Store and access large files while saving disk space
Upload large files
Upload file sizes up to 100GB*
Differential sync
Sync only the parts of the file that
File previewer
View AutoCAD, 3D, Adobe Illustrator
files and more in full fidelity.

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