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Microsoft OneDrive For the Finance Team

OneDrive for the Finance Team

From sharing financial documents to improving workflow processes, here’s how OneDrive can help.

Collaborate on financial documents and provide actionable insights.

Work together in the same document simultaneously and eliminate the need to wait for sequential updates thanks to
Office integration. Send a sharing link, rather than a static attachment, to ensure your stakeholders always have the
latest version and the most recent financials ready to go. With Version history you can avoid making multiple versions
of your analysis due to accidental changes and keep your reports current by updating the same file in OneDrive, so your
downstream reports refresh automatically.

Oversee budget planning anywhere.

Don’t let anything slow your fiscal planning. Use OneDrive to easily sync and store all your information related to
budgeting, reporting, forecasting, and analytics, then access your documents even when you’re not connected. Any
changes you make will be synced once you’re online. Need more information on performance data? Simply create
special links in OneDrive and request files from the team.

Secure your reports inside and outside your organization.

Know your files are protected. With OneDrive, you’re able to securely share files internally or externally by easily
modifying, viewing, and editing permissions for recipients. You can safeguard confidential and sensitive financial data
by creating custom passwords, setting expirations date, and even blocking downloads.

Keep contracts moving even when you’re on the go.

Did a contract come through while you were out of office? No problem. With the OneDrive mobile app you can review,
edit, and approve contracts and invoices as you receive them. And for hard-copy items, you can easily scan things like
receipts and expense reports through the app, then seamlessly share with your team.

Highlight features:

Version history-Find and restore all your previous files.

Request files- Generate unique links to collect files from anyone.

Full encryption-Secure your files both in transit and at rest.

Information barriers-Set policies to prevent or allow communications between teams.

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