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Microsoft OneDrive For the Legal Team

OneDrive for the Legal Team

From redlining contracts to collaborating with outside counsel, here’s how OneDrive can help.

Take care of those contracts from wherever you work.
OneDrive delivers the freedom to work wherever, whenever, from any device (iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac). Go
ahead and mark up that contract—even when you’re offline. Your changes will be automatically uploaded the next
time you connect. How about streamlining the contracting process? Through OneDrive you’ve got the power of AI on
your side to help reuse existing content to more quickly create new documents.

Align your team with outside counsel via seamless collaboration.
Easily pull together input from within your department and outside counsel to make sure contracts, IP filings, and
claims forms meet the needs of all parties. Enable each person to review, edit, and share documents in real time, then
easily find them for a final seal of approval. No matter what project you’re working on, OneDrive supports over 320
different file types, so you can find and share what you need.

Capture new documents with the OneDrive mobile app.
Even when you’re away from the office, the OneDrive mobile app makes sure you can access corporate documents
from your phone. Whether you’re collecting documents from customers, team members, or vendors, use the scanning
function in the app to capture new information, seamlessly mark it up, and share it with your team.

Share information securely to protect proprietary information.
The last thing you want is a data breach that exposes your organization’s sensitive information. With OneDrive, all your
proposals, contracts, and deals are protected with industry-leading compliance. Even when you send documents to
external stakeholders, your organization can set information protection policies like encryption and sensitivity labels.


OneDrive Highlights for the Legal Team.
Expiring external access- Send secure links with a time-limited verification code.
Request files- Create specialized links to request more information.
Mobile markup- Mark up files on the go with an embedded tool.
Data loss prevention- Identify, monitor, and automatically protect sensitive information.

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