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SentinelOne: Ransomware

Protection Against Ransomware.

Ransomware is  EVERYWHERE.

Judging by the headlines, today’s cyber threat landscape is dominated by ransomware, a juggernaut of an attack that has
claimed over $1B in extorted funds from organizations of all sizes, leaving many digitally paralyzed in its wake. Ransomware is evolving rapidly, with each new variant proving to be stealthier and even more aggressive than its predecessor.
Organizations worldwide are scrambling to deploy better protection and further minimize financial risks of an attack.

It takes valuable resources and hard-earned capital to procure and deploy the latest endpoint protection technologies.
Shouldn’t those solutions alone be effective enough to mitigate the risk of ransomware attacks without having to
spend even more on insurance?

SentinelOne believes that your next-generation endpoint protection solution should give you complete confidence that
your sensitive data is protected against ransomware and other sophisticated attacks.

In an industry leading move, SentinelOne is offering customers a warranty to ensure that no ransomware attack will go
undetected and cause irreparable damage.

SentinelOne unifies prevention, detection, and response in a single platform driven by sophisticated machine learning and
intelligent automation. With SentinelOne, organizations can detect malicious behavior across all vectors of attack, rapidly
eliminate and remediate threats with fully-automated, integrated response capabilities, and adapt their defenses
against the most advanced cyberattacks. The key to effective endpoint protection lies in the ability to dynamically analyze and detect any
threat’s behavior in real-time, and respond definitively at machine speed.
This is the essence of SentinelOne.

You can be assured that CloudSmart IT only uses the most trusted and provenly effective tools that can keep your business safe from Ransomware. Check out our CyberSecurity page and see our list of services and providers!

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