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Understanding Network Security

Network security is a phrase that gets thrown about a lot and most businesses know by now the importance of keeping their systems and data secure and safe from online threats. When it comes down to it though, many businesses don’t understand what exactly their network security services are doing for them. While the detailed ins and outs of your security packages are best handled by your qualified IT support providers, having some basic knowledge of how network security works can save you time, money and stress. 

Understanding Network Security

Our managed network comes with all you need to keep your business running securely.  Out of all of the services that we do for clients like you, this is by far the most important.  We install a box behind your internet service providers box that inspects 1’s and 0’s and makes sure that they are good. 

Lets break this down to an example of your house.  Let’s say that the front door is the firewall.  When you let someone into your house by using the front door you see who they are, what they want and then who they want to see.  A firewall does the same thing.  When you go to cloudsmartit.com you are inviting that website through the firewall and the firewall is inspecting that website.  Are they who they say they are, where are they coming from, who do they want to see?  If all of this checks out, then the web page loads for the person who searched cloudsmartit.com. 

Do you think that you have a firewall provided by your internet service provider?  Think again!  It may be a firewall that blocks doors from being wide open, but does it know who that person is and if they are ok to enter in, or where they came from?  Typically not.  ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) don’t normally care about that as that is the responsibility of the business.  All they care about is connecting you to the internet, not securing your business.   

The other thing that you should find important is logging and reporting.  Don’t you want to know who came into your home yesterday or last week or even last year?  Of course you do!  What if they took something and you needed to look up when they were there last so you could reference the timing of the event before you banned them as a friend.  With our logging and reporting feature you can do just that.  You may even need to know if you have an employee that isn’t living up to their job description.  What are they doing with all of their time?  Let’s pull a report to find out.  All of this security can be found in our Managed Network package. 

When you partner with CloudSmart IT as your managed IT Service Provider, we handle your entire Network Security package so you dont have to worry about outside or inside threats to your data. Our packages include firewall hardware, licensing, network switches and access points, and management and monitoring of the firewall for a very affordable monthly fee.

Book a call with us today to discuss how we can help keep your business safe and secure.  

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